Shaft lengths: 96cm, 101cm, 103cm
Shooting flex: 27 mm
Shaft material: Amazing Carbon Flat shaft
Shaft profile: Flat
Grip: Sticky Grip
Blade: Jab Black PE / Optional blade

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In stock

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Stick Side

Stick Blade

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Fat Pipe Beat 27 Flat (22) Floorball stick

Fat Pipe Beat 27 Flat (22) Floorball stick

  • Fat Pipe Beat 27 Flat (22) Floorball stick
  • Fat Pipe Beat 27 Flat (22) Floorball stick

Just Beat it - with hockey-like Beat shaft. Hockey stick-like amazing carbon flat shaft for players whom like flat shaped grip area - like in hockey sticks. Stick have 27mm shooting flex and 20mm floor flex which gives more power to shooting direction.
Flat is Fat Pipes different angled oval shape that is super popular amongs players who played ice hockey before. I feels good in hand and gives shaft different flex depending on angle. This is what makes is special and makes shots with it count!

Fat Pipe Sticky Grip is told to be the "stickyest" of them all!

Fat Pipe recommends for this stick:
Jab Blade is Shooters choice, with ultimate lightness. Dream choice for shooters with light 5-ribbed structure and curved tip. Stiff heel structure gives power to passing and shooting. Curved tip makes shooting and dribbling easy.

With this stick you can choose blade (Flat) and blade material of your choice!

96cm shaft is recommended for players between 165-180cm.
101cm is one of the most popular shaft in mens leagues. This saft is recommended for player between 175cm-190cm.
103 cm shaft is recommended for player over 180cm.

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