Flex: 28mm
Model: Raw Concept Bow
Shaft Shape: Oval (Eva bands), Round
Grip: Sticky Grip
Blade: Optional Blade
Blade Material: Optional Blade material
Recommended blade material PE
Recommended blades: PWR
Available shaft lengths: 101cm
129,00 €
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Stick Side

Stick Blade

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Fat Pipe Raw Concept 28 Bow  (19) -floorball stick

Fat Pipe Raw Concept 28 Bow (19) -floorball stick

  • Fat Pipe Raw Concept 28 Bow  (19) -floorball stick
  • Fat Pipe Raw Concept 28 Bow  (19) -floorball stick
  • Fat Pipe Raw Concept 28 Bow  (19) -floorball stick
Nothing but RAW. Raw Concept shafts are our lightest stick for players whose passion is to feel the ball. Super fast and responsive carbon shaft with 11 layers of untreated finishing gives you keys control the ball accurately and smoothly.
The bow shaft! Shots like never seen before. Bow shaft is for ultimate slapshots and nasty sweepers. Bow is Fat Pipes curve shaft that gives power to shooting and changes the angle of the blade.
Fat Pipe Sticky Grip is told to be the "stickyest" of them all. Only argue is if some of the colors is even stickyer?
With this stick you can choose blade of your choice
With this stick you can choose blade material of your choice
Fat Pipe recommends for this stick:PE material is the most popular choice - the most obvious choice. Polyethylene is our most popular blade material. PE is durable and medium stiff material with good ball control.
Fat Pipe recommends for this stick:BIGGER IS BETTER
New PWR-blade is little longer than Bone and Jab. More surface and more reach.

Strong and even roundish shaped, slightly open faced pre-hook.

Even concavity from heel to tip of the blade. Closed tip for insweepers and dribbling.

Classic 6-ribbed structure is back with the modern heel. Structure gives smooth handling.

Slightly concaved backhand for nasty backhand shots and passes. From heel to halfway of the blade is concaved from the backhand.
101cm is one of the most popular shaft in mens leagues. This saft is recemmended for player between 175cm-190cm.
96cm shaft is recommended for players between 165-180cm

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