Any knee pads will become used in a about a year. We do not want goalies using old knee pads with bad paddings, so we give you the chance to change your paddings. You will have the feeling like playing with completely new knee pads. Sold in pairs.

Hard Padding

BLINDSAVE insertable hard padding is only 1.5 cm thick and density of these knee padding is just so perfectly balanced that they provide all the protection you might need as a goalie. They prevent from hurting moments in any situation during the game.

Soft Padding

Soft padding is 3 cm thick and very comfortable, ensuring the goalie with the best protection possible. It is the thickest knee protector available in the market! These paddings will prove you with a feeling like you are sitting on pillows that we call „pillow effect”.

Mix Padding

BLINDSAVE new generation MIX padding is a combination of soft and hard padding. It is 2 cm thick, double layout protection for goalies with special knee fixing area on pad. This great innovation will bring you incredibly high comfort together with a very good protection and stability. There is no doubt that this masterpiece will give goalies a new feeling and provide the next level performance. You must try it.

24,90 €


Hard Padding

Hard Padding

  • Hard Padding
  • Soft Padding
  • Mix Padding
  • Mix

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