Flex: 23
Model: Long John
Grip: 2C Sticky Grip
Blade: Optional Blade
Blade Material: Optional Blade material
Recommended blade material PE-h
Recommended blades: Rage
Available shaft lengths: 107
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In stock

Stick Side

Stick Blade

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Fat Pipe Long John 23 (18) -floorball stick

Fat Pipe Long John 23 (18) -floorball stick

23mm is the stiffest legal flex of floorball shafts. This shaft is really stiff and recommended only for heavyest players.
Long John is your partner in crime. Totally illegal! If you need longer stick, this is your choice! Our longest 107cm long composite shaft. Illegal for official IFF games without extra permission, but still super fun to play.
Fat Pipe Sticky Grip is told to be the "stickyest" of them all. Only argue is if some of the colors is even stickyer? Now with douple tones!
With this stick you can choose blade of your choice
With this stick you can choose blade material of your choice
Fat Pipe recommends for this stick:PE-H is the hardest material for hardest players. High-density polyethylene is hardest material we use in our blades. PE-h is durable and stiff material with good ball control.
Fat Pipe recommends for this stick:Don’t mess with the RAGE-blade. Ultimate shooting blade with maximum size and concavity. Open faced bottom rail and maximum concavity makes easy to shoot and protect the ball. Straight tip and backhand.
107cm shaft is only for the longest players!

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