10 SOURCE PROTEIN - Unforeseen quality proteinmix from SUPERMASS NUTRITION!

SUPERMASS NUTRITION 10 SOURCE PROTEIN has unique proteinmix, wich includes 10 different proteins: Whey proteinmix (hydrolysate, isolate, consentrate), caseinmix (milkprotein-isolate, PeptoPro), eggwhite, meatprotein peptides, Peptan-collagenprotein, wheatprotein, peaprotein, hempprotein, riceprotein and pumpkingseedprotein. Versatile content enables optimal aminoacidcomposition. 10 SOURCE PROTEIN can be used as a recovery drink, protein snack or nightprotein. Work great also in smoothies. 10 SOURCE PROTEIN has also Advanced Faster Absorption Super Formula with SuperMIX, wich includes entsyms, probios and Q10, wich enhances absorbion.

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Chocolate brownie

Chocolate brownie

  • Chocolate brownie
  • Madagascar vanilla
  • Speksit

- Includes 10 highend proteinsources 
- Versitile content for optimal aminoacidcomposition
- Advanced Faster Absorption Super Formula with SuperMIX for better absorbion
- Includes patented: DigeZyme, AstraGin, PeptoPro, Peptan and LactoSpore 
- Low fat and low carb
- Great taste 
- Low lactose and glutein free

User guide: Mix 1 scoop (50 g) powder in the amount of water of choosing and drink after training or between meals.

Servings: 24

Ingredients: Check the pictures

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