Do you agree that beauty lies in simplicity? Then you just found it. Zembra will add French charm to any type of face and is suitable for everyday wear.

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Relax Zembra Ladie's Sunglasses R0318C

Relax Zembra Ladie's Sunglasses R0318C

Frame material: resistant polycarbonate
Frame color: Shiny wine
Size: adult standard, lens 57 mm, lens distance 15 mm, handle 141 mm
Lens material: Scratch resistant akrylic
Lens color: vine RUBY, gradient
Sun filter category: 3
UV: 400nm A,B,C

Microfiber pouch for FREE

Gradient Lenses
Lenses shaded from top to bottom, where the upper part is darker and the lower part is lighter. Looking through such lenses is more comfortable, natural and handy e.g. while driving. They allow great sight, protect your eyes from the light from above while you see undistorted what is below you. They look fantastic and are elegant because they bring a ertain depth to one´s features.

% UV
100% protection against UV radition A, B, C guarantee.

Soft case
The soft microfiber cleaning pouch protect sunglasses against scratches. FREE with every pair of sunglasses.

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