Dynamic shape, lightweight design, shock-resistant, exchangeable lenses, antislip finishing and attractive price. What can I say? Mosera is bestseller of Relax sport sunglasses collection.

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Relax Mosera Sport Sunglasses R5314E

Relax Mosera Sport Sunglasses R5314E

Frame material: resistant polycarbonate
Frame color: shiny, black, yellow
Size: adult standard, lens size 80 mm, lens distance 16 mm, handle 123 mm
Lens material: Impact resistance polycarbonate
Lens color: PARK green, mirror: AURORA PLATINUM (also included: clear)
Sun filter category: 3 (clear 0)
UV 400nm A,B,C

Microfiber pouch for FREE

Impact protection
Almost unbreakable lenses material provides impact resistance and greater eye safety.

Antislip tips and nosepads. Prevent slip sunglasses which holds perfectly on your face.

% UV
100% protection against UV radition A, B, C guarantee

Soft case
The soft microfiber cleaning pouch protect sunglasses against scratches. FREE with every pair of sunglasses

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