ZAVE it’s XS size of popular and successful sport sunglasses. Antislip finishing for a perfect fit during sport activities.

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Relax Zave XS Sport Sunglasses R5281

Relax Zave XS Sport Sunglasses R5281

Frame material: resistant polycarbonate
Frame color: shiny, black
Size: XS, lens size 68 mm, lens distance 18 mm, handle 110 mm
Lens material: Polarized TAC
Lens color: grey CLOUD
Sun filter category: 3
UV 400nm A,B,C

Microfiber pouch for FREE

Proven technology reducing transmission of reflected light from horizontal surfaces such as snow, water or wet asphalt. Polarized lenses greatly increase visual acuity, reduce glare and eliminate annoying reflections. Polarization helps eyes to reduce their fatigue. Suitable for sport, driving, water activities.

Antislip tips and nosepads. Prevent slip sunglasses which holds perfectly on your face.

Sixe XS
Sunglasses for smaller and narrower faces.

% UV
100% protection against UV radition A, B, C guarantee

Soft case
The soft microfiber cleaning pouch protect sunglasses against scratches. FREE with every pair of sunglasses