Wall W3F Mask with epic Steam Punkt graphic.

CE- and IFF- approval guarantee masks safety.

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Wall W3F - Steam Punkt - Floorball Mask

Wall W3F - Steam Punkt - Floorball Mask

The styling of floorball mask is similar to a hockey mask with. It is more lightly and vents are larger, ensuring adequate ventilation. A large grill openings to ensure good visibility even in close situations.

Floorball masks cushion is anatomically shaped, but with a chin cup, as well as ice-hockey masks. This ensures the mask to stay securely on the head in the most demanding situations. The padding is impermeable material without textile coating. In addition, it is easily removable and washable. This ensures a good and hygienic mask is always a pleasure to put on the head. Mask comes with a mask bag.

Grille with larger openings in the eye. Mask, all metal parts are made of stainless steel, which makes maintenance easier. We offer the ability to directly select the desired grille ordering. Please note that all grids are not accepted.

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