Raw Concept is the world’s lightest floorball stick.

The Raw Concept stick is designed for players who won’t settle for good enough or the second best and who see a draw as a defeat.

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Fat Pipe Raw Concept 29 Round

Fat Pipe Raw Concept 29 Round

  • Fat Pipe Raw Concept 29 Round
  • Fat Pipe Raw Concept 29 Round

A normal carbon fiber shaft has six or seven carbon fiber layers, each 0.15 mm thick. The Raw Concept shaft has 11 layers of carbon fiber, each 0.07 mm thick. Many extremely thin layers give the shaft the desired flexibility and elasticity while keeping the total weight of the shaft exceptionally low.

The stick’s name refers to its untreated surface. The untreated shaft is more uniform in quality than a treated one. Some fibers in the shaft always break in the polishing process. The surface of the Raw Concept shaft might have small air bubbles, because the finish is uneven, but they do not make the shaft any weaker.

The blade of the Raw Concept stick is polypropene (PP), which has about 5% smaller specific gravity than traditional polyethene (PE and PE-h). The PP blade gives a softer feel and ball touch than a PE blade. Friction is greater in the PP blade.

The Raw Concept stick’s grip features the same firm surface and thickness as the Sticky grips. The Raw Concept Grip relies on airy and light, felt-like raw material for added thickness and softness. The Raw Concept Grip is 12% lighter than the Sticky grip.

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