New stimulant free pre-workout (PWO) king is here! PREZONE Stimulant Free is the best stimulant free PWO on the market. PREZONE Stimulant Free maximizes your pump and energy. It is the most dramatic leap forward in pre-workout nutrition known to mankind. If you’ve been seeking that extra kick in your workouts that will help you reach your goals faster, then PREZONE Stimulant free is a supplement you must use.

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  • Cola
  • Orange
  • PREZONE Stimulant Free is consumed about 30 minutes prior to training for maximum muscle strength.
  • Flavors: Cola & Orange.
  • Size: 625 g
Normal 2 scoops / Supermass 4 scoops

Taurin 2500mg / 5000mg
Kreatin monohydrat 2500mg / 5000mg
Beta-alanin 1600mg / 3200mg
L-Tyrosin 1500mg / 3000mg
Betaine (TMG) 1250mg / 2500mg
Acetyl-l-karnitin 1000mg / 2000mg
Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate 500 mg / 1000 mg
Glyserolmonofosfat 1000mg / 2000mg
L-sitrullin-DL-malat 3000mg / 6000mg
L-glutamin 1000mg / 2000mg
L-leucin 1500mg / 3000mg
L-valin 750mg / 1500mg
L-isoleucin 500mg / 1000mg
L-metionin 500mg / 1000mg
L-treonin 250mg / 500mg
L-tryptofan 50mg/ 100mg
L-lysin 250mg / 500mg
L-histidin 200mg / 400mg
Glycine 1000mg / 2000mg
DL-fenylalanin 250mg / 500mg
Natrium (klorid) 350mg / 700mg
Magnesium (bis-glycinat) 100mg / 200mg
Kalsium (citrate) 80mg / 160mg
Kalium (klorid) 300mg / 600mg

Energy 130kJ/31kcal / 260kJ/62
Fat 0g / 0g
Carbon 0g / 0g
Protein 7,75g / 15,5g

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