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M-Nutrition Ilona Siekkinen After Workout 400g

M-Nutrition Ilona Siekkinen After Workout 400g

A fresh-tasting recovery drink powder from Ilona Siekkinen's title product line

  • Contains branched chain amino acids (BCAA), essential amino acids (EAA) and L-glutamine
  • Promotes recovery from training
  • Does not contain artificial flavors or aspartame
  • Does not contain added sugar, milk, gluten or lactose
  • 100% herbal product: suitable for a vegan diet
  • Tastes great when mixed with water

Made in Finland

Dosage: mix 1 meter (13 g) of powder and about 300 ml of water. Enjoy after your workout.

Servings Per Container: 30 pcs

Country of origin: Finland

Usage Tip: Prepare a portion of After Workout in a shaker, box, or plastic bag and only add water when you need a fresh recovery drink. Of course, you can also enjoy a drink between meals, for example, to maintain protein synthesis, ie building muscle mass!

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