Vector-X shaft’s integrated curve technology gives you more power and direction to shots, making this stick delightful tool for every shooter. Blow moulded 80% carbon shaft, with popular AIR blade and new Rival grip. Beautiful updated artwork with glossy upper shaft and matt lower part.

- Shaft length: 103cm
- Flex: 26mm
- Shaft shape: Round, Oval
- Shaft material: 80% Carbon fiber / 20% glass fiber
- Grip: Rival
- Blade: Air White (MB) / Optional blade

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Exel Vector-X Black/White 2.6 (20)  Floorball stick

Exel Vector-X Black/White 2.6 (20) Floorball stick

  • Exel Vector-X Black/White 2.6 (20)  Floorball stick
  • Exel Vector-X Black/White 2.6 (20)  Floorball stick
What is Vector-X?
Would you like to shoot harder? Vector-X is a stick designed to make your shot harder and more lethal. New design with upgraded attributes constitute a functional body, just waiting for you to get your hands on it. Vector-X is the ultimate shooter stick. Vector-X shaft’s integrated curve technology is designed to make the stick a dreamy tool for volume shooters. It gives more power and direction to your shooting. Now with updated design the curve is better visible for user.

OVAL shaft construction allows for better power transmission to the ball for shooting and gives great grip surface.

With Classic Round shaft you can't go wrong. Still worlds most popular shaft is always the same.

Rival Grip
New comfortable Rival grip ensures a robust grasp of your stick. High performance leather is completed by an extremely durable and super sticky coating. No prints, no slippery points.

AIR blade
Popular Air blade features DRS (double rib system) which minimizes air resistance and maximizes swing speed while shooting. The rails on the bottom of the blade minimize friction while playing leading to more power to the shots. On average 20% less air resistance than traditional blades. Substantial 8mm concavity gives you great ball control and medium 15mm pre-curve convincing dribbling abilities. Medium open face angle ensures effective goal scoring. A great blade for shooting and dribbling.

Optional blade:

With this stick you can choose blade and blade material of your choice.

More about blades HERE

Shaft lengths:
101cm shaft is one of the most popular shaft in mens leagues. This saft is recemmended for player between 175cm-190cm.
103cm shaft is recommended for player over 180cm.