New cutting edge stick with revolutionary Multiperformance shaft technology will fulfill hopes of every playing style, whether you were a team-friendly playmaker or a lethal sniper, looking for perfect finishing. The shaft is made 100% from carbon fibre. Brand new E-Fect blade is designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland, and it's ready to spice up your game with its high concavity, pre-curve and lightweight design. New, sticky Rival grip ensures a robust grasp of the stick, offering you the best chance to make an Impact to the game.

- Shaft lengths: 92cm, 96cm, 101cm
- Flex: 29mm
- Shaft Shape: Round
- Multiperformance (MPRF) shaft technology
- Shaft material: 100% Highest Level Carbon
- Grip: Rival
- Blade: E-Fect White (MB) / Optional blade

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Exel IMPACT Black 2.9 Round (20) Floorball stick

Exel IMPACT Black 2.9 Round (20) Floorball stick

  • Exel IMPACT Black 2.9 Round (20) Floorball stick
  • Exel IMPACT Black 2.9 Round (20) Floorball stick
What is Impact?
Exel spent months and months to develop the perfect stick to fit modern playing style. Exel created a full set of new high quality components and combined them into one unique stick. Every part of the product is something you have never experienced before. As an end result, Impact is a world class stick with top performance attributes designed just for you.

Brand new shaft construction enables multi-performance playing style. Whether you are a creative playmaker or a lethal sniper, MPRF is the perfect fit for you. Lightweight 100% carbon shaft produces extremely soft touch combined with great resilience.

Twill design
In MPRF shaft the weaving way of carbon yarn has been changed drastically. Diagonal parallel ribs result in a tight and compact outcome, meaning more power and endurance. The eye-catching twill finishing is easily visible for user as well.

Rival grip
New comfortable Rival grip ensures a robust grasp of your stick. High performance leather is completed by an extremely durable and super sticky coating. No prints, no slippery points.

With Classic Round shaft you can't go wrong. Still worlds most popular shaft is always the same.

E-FECT blade
New Exel top performance blade made in Finland. It is designed to fulfill the requirements of modern style of play. Shoot precisely and effectively with 8,5mm concavity. 18mm pre-curve ensures effortless dribbling. Ready-to-go open face angle (13,4 degrees) guarantees fastand accurate shooting.

Optional blade:

ith this stick you can choose blade and blade material of your choice.

More about blades HERE

Shaft lengths:
92cm shaft is recommended for players between 150-160cm.
96cm shaft is recommended for players between 165-180cm.
101cm is one of the most popular shaft in mens leagues. This shaft is recommended for player between 175cm-190cm.

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