Season: 2020/21

Shaft lengths: 101cm, 104cm
Shooting flex: 24 mm
Shaft material: Carbon
Shaft profiles: Oval (Eva bands), Round
Grip: Wetter the Better
Blade: PWR Diamond White (PPB)

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Fat Pipe K.O. 24 (20) Floorball stick

Fat Pipe K.O. 24 (20) Floorball stick

  • Fat Pipe K.O. 24 (20) Floorball stick
  • Fat Pipe K.O. 24 (20) Floorball stick
  • Fat Pipe K.O. 24 (20) Floorball stick
  • Fat Pipe K.O. 24 (20) Floorball stick
  • Fat Pipe K.O. 24 (20) Floorball stick

K.O.100% Carbon shafts with stabilizing fiberclass fibers:
THE BEST WAY TO SCORE! NewFat Pipe K.O. Series is designed for shooters. 100% Carbon shafts with stabilizing fiberclass fibers makes shooting easy and superfast. Stabilizing fiberclass fibers makes kickpoint lower and gives you faster and more controlled release for your shots. Also fibers lower the centerpoint of the mass giving the optimal balance for shooting and controlling the ball. Knock out - the best way to score.

Wetter the Better grip:
Newly innovated Wetter The Better -grip is Fat Pipes newest grip. Extra sticky grip greates better comfort than any other Fat Pipe grip before! This grip has been developed for wet hands!

Grey color is softest and is closest for legendary grey Sticky Grip.
White absorbs best the moisture. Black is dry and sticky.
Black has bit higher pattern and moisture goes between the patterns.

PWR Diamond White (PPB) blade:
Fat Pipe PWR-blade is little longer than Bone and Jab. More surface and more reach. PERFECT PRE-HOOK on blade is Strong and even roundish shaped, slightly open faced. EVEN CONCAVITY from heel to tip of the blade. Closed tip for insweepers and dribbling. Classic 6-RIBBED STRUCTURE structure is back with the modern heel. Structure gives smooth handling. BACKHAND IS HERE AGAIN! Slightly concaved backhand on PWR-blade for nasty backhand shots and passes. From heel to halfway of the blade is concaved from the backhand.

PP Boost material is what it says! PP but with that extra everything! Fat Pipes new PP Boost blade material takes PP blades to the next level. PP Boost is more slippery and stiffer than regular PP, but with same ultimate ball control.

Shaft lengths:
101cm is one of the most popular shaft in mens leagues. This saft is recemmended for player between 175cm-190cm.
104 cm is recommended for player over 180cm.

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