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Leader Foods Oy is the leading Finnish manufacturing and marketing company of unique and high-quality protein foods, health products, vitamins and sports nutrients, as well as Superfoods. All Leader products are manufactured in Finland, in Leader’s own factories in Vantaa and Toholampi. Innovative product development and modern production facilities ensures the quality and uniqueness of the products. Leader Foods Oy was established at 2001 and nowadays company employs 80 people in Finland and Sweden.

Leader brands include Leader Natural Foods, Vida, BareBars, So-Lo-Carb! and SoftBar. All brands and product are offering solutions for the overall well-being as a part of healthy lifestyle.

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Copy of Leader Whey Protein

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  • Leader Zircca -sirkkaproteiinipatukka
  • Leader Zircca -sirkkaproteiinipatukka

Leader Zircca -sirkkaproteiinipatukka

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  • Mudcake
  • Pancake and maple syrup
  • Peanut Butter
  • Mansikka-vadelma-kaakao
  • Nutmix
  • Leader Protein So Much Taste Laatikko
  • Karpali-Pähkinä

Leader Protein So Much Taste Laatikko

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Leader Sportbottle 700ml

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